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I’ve taken the Beeminder dlog goal of 300 words of log / day back online. I’m still thinking about some rule changes etc., but overall, I think it’s net-positive even as is.

It doesn’t exactly work as I intended it - daily practice of essentially the same core techniques - but it’s still getting some cool stuff done. I fear my mind is just too jumpy and fractured to really stick with an idea for more than a few days at best.

Well, maybe it all converges in the end. Fat chance, but stranger things have happened.

(Is there a meditation practice that requires no commitment and can be done anytime, anywhere, in any kind of mindset? Ideal for the bimultipolar hyperactive crackpot of today?

Vipassana can be done during any activity, sure, but it’s emotionally unstable until you master it, and then it’s emotionally dead, so not what I want. (I should finally read those tantra books, but it’s all on paper, so yeah…))

Just and Unjust

Also switched to my Anki 2 config now. (This took way longer than I thought.) The next alpha will keep old reviews, so all problems are now fixed. :)

Benefits I noticed so far: way faster, smaller deck, two-way syncing, learning mode is neat, decks better organized, cooler graphs.

Anki 2

(That’s after 2 days of not doing any reps because of the transition. Also, number counts for parents include their children, so the total number of reps due is 73+138=211.)

I’ve also made my MCD code a bit more elegant. Should finish the second half of the Latin posts soon-ish. Really just gotta turn my notes into full paragraphs. (Ugh.)

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