Last modified: 2012-04-29 (finished). Epistemic state: log.

Cleaned all my stuff. (That shouldn’t be a major accomplishment, but you know how it is.)

Wrote an fairly extensive comment about my view on the temporal vs. timeless Church, though it really just re-states the problem, and doesn’t solve anything, which is why I’m not turning it into a post.

(I feel like everything I’m engaging with these days are problem statements and clarifications how certain things don’t work. RAW would be proud. Though more seriously, I’m eventually going to arrive at some answers, I’m just slow, stupid and lazy careful, thorough and obsessed with basics.)

Also added an RSS feed for comments to each site, and fixed some minor bugs. And wrote a post about range_math.

Beyond that, much thinking, nothing much to show.

(And played CK2, finally absorbed the Serbian and Kärntener counties into the Glorious Croatian Kingdom, unified the two feuding family branches (a feud I started 3 generations ago), weakened both Roman Empires substantially and then wasted a lot of money on a failed conquest and descended into civil war, but at least I have a decent chance of being the only catholic kingdom east of the Rhine still standing when the Muslims and Mongols are done raping us. Very productive weekend indeed.)

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