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Hooking up the next tool to Beeminder. (In unrelated news, I bought a new hammer and look at all those nails everywhere!) Basically, use Beeminder to enforce LeechBlock limits. More if I have results.

I realized that even though I’m taking a vacation from LessWrong (unsuccessfully so far; at least I’m not commenting), and even though I deliberately refuse to get involved in some current debates, and refuse to clarify or develop certain ideas right now, even though I do all that, I still spend too much damn time on LW and related stuff.

For fuck’s sake, I’m playing Diablo 2 as the less addictive alternative.

This isn’t just memetic exploitation. This is brain slug territory. I feel like I’ve been plugged into the great thought machine recently and everything is converging towards making sense, but it’s all going too damn fast. I’m getting amazingly close to some demons, but if I don’t pay attention, I’ll once again miss my chance to slay them.

I need some time to think.

Buddha wasn’t a dude who pwned the philosophical debates of his time. (Even though he did.) He was a dude who sat on his ass for years and mastered the shit out of the territory.

This would be my primary criticism, and I see it everywhere around me - the inability to stop being clever. It’s all too superficial. I have a ton of ideas I could elaborate on, and wish I understood better, but I refuse to dig into them because it’s easier to write clever tweets. And the unfinished stuff is piling up (I still haven’t completed the antinatalism or Jesus overviews, for example). Not acceptable.

So I’ve formed an acausal alliance with some future-muflaxes, and enacted the No More New Ideas Act. Time to go somewhat offline and actually read books again.

I see the same inability to go deep as the reason my noting practice is still crap. I can’t engage in stuff anymore, I’m always floating twenty meta-layers above it. (For some reason I still have jhanas. I don’t understand jhanas.)

I suspect that talking about ideas isn’t (massively) eating up my resources, so I will continue all the social stuff as is. (Even though I will continue to avoid certain topics for now.)

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